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Wine in 2009

  • Cline Cellars
    Some lovely, lovely wines. Stop by for some delightful tasting. The Pinot Gris, Cashmere (do they know me or what?), the syrah...much wine to enjoy from this vineyard. Also, much like the Lucy, this winery donates a dollar from each bottle of the Cashmere to breast cancer research.
  • Kunde Family Estate
    Check out the barn on this one. Seriously.
  • 2006 Las Madres Syrah
    Lovely vineyard, with cows, horses, and llamas. This winery presented great wines to us. THANK YOU
  • Cellar 8
    Drinkable, affordable, goes with lots of food. Just a nice table wine to have on hand.
  • Lucy - Rose of Pinot Noir
    Such a lovely lunch wine. Bright, without being too sweet or cloying. Lovely. $1 dollar of every bottle sold is donated to breast cancer research - I'll drink to that.
  • Pomelo Wine
    This wine is less than $10. Light, refreshing, a nice afternoon wine. Citrusy and delightful.
  • Lucia, Gary's Vineyard
    Lovely wine, strong, not overbearing, good solid fruit without being too sweet
  • Miner, anything red
  • Flowers, Perennial, 2006
    Red Wine, Sonoma Coast


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Living where I do, during the time we live in, I feel an enourmous sense of gratitude. Grateful for my son, who blessed me with his birth at such a wonderful moment in my life; grateful to my ex-husband, who participates the best he can with both the little man and me; grateful that I walked into such a welcoming community.

Granted, it's not always been such a bed of flowers. Most often, my life developed my character. As in, "Oh, well if nothing else, it builds character." How much character does one woman need?

Apparently, I need lots of it.


where, as a single woman, living and working in a city while raising a small child, my interests run all over the place. i love a great red wine - who doesn't? i love baseball and the associated trash talk that goes with it. my bigges, and how food is processed. i would venture that this is due to the fact that i was raised two streets over from lettuce fields and haven't ever really left the feeling of living where the food is grown.